About Us

We are here to bridge the gap between students and professionals.

What are we trying to do?

The Connect App platform is running a beta test to understand how to best facilitate mentor/mentee relationships. Our vision is to create a mentoring social network where people can both be mentored or mentor based on their past experiences and needs.

Why spend the time and effort?

“It’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know” has held true for decades. Knowing that, how does someone go about networking or seeking guidance?

Often we rely on family, friends, or alumni to find connections and build professional relationships. What happens when your family doesn’t have connections in your field of work, your friends are out of state, and the Alumni database is out of date?

Some people might tell you to use LinkedIn, but it doesn’t take long to realize people are only on LinkedIn for themselves. Unless you have something to offer them more likely than not they won’t add you, or they will add you and never respond to your message. Others might tell you to utilize your company’s mentorship program.

These programs can be effective retention mechanisms but don’t allow you to explore career paths outside your own company. The idea for The Connect App was born to address the need for professional mentorship and the gap in the market for a mentoring social media platform..

What are you invited to do now?

We invite you to connect with some mentors by directing yourself in selecting the ‘Connect’ button below to chose a mentor & set up some time with them. The mentors can provide unique opportunities, while providing guidance and assistance in several different areas. Through this mutually beneficial relationship, The Connect App hopes to gain insight on how digital mentorship can be scaled.